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Friday, March 10, 2017

Time for a new post

With that music i kinda say hello after the long time of not writting anything. So whats new? Well In the last post i wrote i broke up with my old friends since they gave a shit. A wile later, one of them asked me to "finally" talk over the stuff. Well we did and we are friends again...

Sadly, i feel more like im "just" there. I actually shut up and dont say something about but honestly, right now i feel more alone then before. I will not say im "mad" about but if i join the TS server as sample, nothing happens, everyone is watching YT videos or ignor the fact that their "are" a lot of opinions we could do, next to this im nearly for everything open.

But insteed, they actually play games i actually dont enjoy or more or less "out of nowhere". As i said, im not mad or complain but its like they have "their" friends they play games with wile i sit in the corner and play my games. Is that bad? I duno, it feels just like i sit there like a lone nerd playing games which could be played together wile they "suddendly" play other games.

But oh well before i get into trouble, i guess we all know how that will end soon or later right~?
Meh....even if i dont like that part but dont blame me if i said so.

Anyways next to that kinda "lonelyness" i actually have some happy moments in my life. I got a nice artwork from a friend of mine from my Spy character! Yay!

Fuse by Husky-Foxgryph on DeviantArt

I really love it to be honest. Ok, i actually got a Paper mario styled Picture from my "friend" to X-Mas, its also nice and i sure enjoyed it but you guys should know how i feel about heh.

Next to that, another bad story is that i actually have health problems, as sample, right now im sitting maybe just some inche in front of the screen since i can barely see what i write. another problem is that my back hurts sometimes like crasy, another time i bleed like shit. I duno what those problems actually are but, as much as i know, i am not able to get a job coz of my "heavy health problems" right now. For how long i dont know, i dont want to stay unemployed for ever to be honest.

So i try my best to work on my health, i will talk with my doc soon about that but who cares about it anyways.

Just wish me luck.

Monday, June 27, 2016

So...Its again time for a post i guess...

GEES! I said so often i should use my blog more often but i guess i dont do so anyways.

Still, im not dead and here is again another fresh post to keep you guys going.

So whats going on and co and what was happen.

First of all, i have now a little job i do till end November of this year, some garden-stuff, nothing to special. Still, its sometimes hard but always a bit funny.

Next up, i broke with my friends i talked about last journal. Over the year, not much changed and they even "forced" me to go into the extrem. I dont wana go into much detail since i did some month ago with some "pretty open journals" and im actually pretty happy right now. I sure wished it would not end "this way" but i guess this was the only opinion i had and, honestly, if they would like me back as friend they would do something - and so far none of this 2 did.
 Which simply means "its not worth it" i guess - So i dont care anymore. I deleted every contact i had from them (3DS, Wii U, Steam, Skype, etc.) but they are still open to contact me where they want, i tried and i dont care about that anymore,

Coz´ since i broke up i also try to learn now some digital art with my obsession from the "Spy Vs Spy" characters X3. Yes, i pretty much love the series since i was a lil W.A. and i really enjoy to draw my Spy characters more and more. I lovely gave them the name "Fuse & Ms Fire" (Black & White Spy). For the meaning: Its a nick for "Fuse & Misfire" So i thought it fits since the original Spys where called "Joke & Dagger".

Spy Vs Spy - Just a Fuse to be seen by WAtheAnum on DeviantArt

 I played the Spy Vs Spy GBC game, I draw a lot Spy Vs Spy stuff and i actually got founder in a Spy Vs Spy fan group XD so yea, the word "obsession" fits here i guess, lols.

So yea, i sure draw still other stuff, like my Furry characters of course but i have recently more fun drawing those stuff - Coz of the ood old memorize i had i guess :3

Next to this i listen to a lot random stuff the last days, not only this Spy Vs Spy c64 game remix X3

I mostly try to relax now and draw a lot, i sure have gotten a LOT games over the year and right now we have Steam Summer Sale again - oh boy....my wallet already was cring but this time, i got so far only 6 games and i played already 4 of them and they are all great - i stopped buying games like "oh i fucking need it coz its off". I uploaded 10€, got 5 games and like so for 4 out of it and even PLAY them - the 6. game i got later and i also wana play this one soon.

So yea, thats so far all, stay tuned and best look around my gallerys from time to time, got a lot new stuff to show next to my traditonal art and now new digital arts X3

Dis, is art. by WAtheAnum on DeviantArt

Monday, August 31, 2015

And again a post? :P

Gees i really should use my own blog more often, i mean its now again really long ago i used it.

Well ok i try to keep things short.

I came good into the new year only with a bit pain of my wisdom tooth but it was pretty ok. Easter was also not "so bad" but still. Summer sucked coz it was hot the first time and now the weather dont know how it will be in the next day, sometimes its hot sometimes its raining sometime its even somewhere between of that.

Anyways my current situation is not really the best or what ever. My Dad is again a butthole but thats nothing new, the problem is he is redesign our kitchen anew and he "wants" that everyone helps. I normaly have no problem helping him if he would not "nearly" kick everyone in the ass FOR helping them or blame the shit out of the people...and if you DONT help him he blackmails you and what not with stuff like "i throw you out of my home!" and and and.

Honestly, I dont want him to put honey on my ass but if he wants people to actually help him he should also treat them like that he actually NEEDS help and not kick them or throw a rude word next to the other around out of his mouth, for srs.

Anyways, thats one point of "bad" situation right now, another one is that a friend of mine, kinda good one, is going now his own way by joining someone i only can give "pity". He means im jealous but no, really im not. The problem is that this "dude" is one of his friends and i sure respect that in ONE way but if those people nearly "acquisition" just other people to get a kind of "clan" running and feeling strong by been "more than as one" its really a pity. I mean i had ones the "favor" with this guy and just HE was mad at me, some of his people also went mad without a reason - and my old friend even KNOW about that and gave a shit like to blame myself "you made the problems".

Its ok if you want him as friend but im not a bee in the hive who just runs behind its queen, doing her shit which she cant do herself.

About Art well i keep it slow but i try to do much better art than before, also some other artworks i didnt make the last years. I still have a lot fun with and it helps me relax a lot.

Dat body in dat V-bikini~ by WAtheAnum on DeviantArt

I still hope to get a job soon. I really try hard to get one but my dad dotn see it. I dont wana show him my job stuff and co and about that fact he is also mad, blaming me i dont do a shit about getting a job and what not.

Honestly, just that i dont show you where i go and try to get a job doesnt mean i dont do nothing to actually get one - next to this, I wana get a job and work there, NOT my dad.

So thats everything so far and i try to keep in touch.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Time runs, a bit smooth but fast

Well I finally thought i write down something which maybe sounds good and maybe not heh.

First, today i got "rid" of my wisedom tooth...all for 4 ones which pretty much hurts like hell but i think i need to deal with it the next days X3.

In Secondlife, things runs smooth, I make more the background thinks wile Faly runs now the "The Starring Zone" - a Mobian/furry Hangout we both share and love to own. It was Our idea to open this one coz the sims from the Sonic fandom are rare and good opinions are also rare. A lot people like it. Next to this Faly began to work on (or with) "Mobian Fantasies" - Special Seductive Collecting Cards you can buy cheep with "sexy" models on them. She already finished a full deck (40 cards) and the next is on work.

On Steam, i got a lot of games i should play or give it a try...of finish maybe X3 i duno i have to much stuff i dont know where i should start first! XD

WIth my Art, i finished some days ago my Calendar art for 2015. ALso i try to draw 1-2 pictures a week. it helps me relax and i come down with i do so. Of course i try to work the storys out an stuff . ^^

I may still have no job but i try to get one as good as i can.

Life goes on. ^^

Monday, April 14, 2014

What happen so far in this days...

Ah well long time i didnt wrote here something. Honestly its about time i DO now heh

so where should i begin...

its now 2014 already....and april. So lets count up what happen.

- Well i had a more like wierd rush into 2014, X-mas was soso, not really good, not really bad. Family feeling were not really good and it was more a "lone" celebration. The jump into the new year self was more like an lil "yay", nothing more...anyhow pretty poor...

- For my artwork, honestly, i lose slowly motivation. Its not that i got lasy its more like i dont know what i should draw OR i dont know WHY i should draw. I mean it is my hobby, but sometimes i just sit there and duno. I really thought about finally to end with my artwork but also i cant bring it over my heart to throw all what i did the last 9 years in dump. I like my characters, also others do but how i said, maybe i just need the time to think about and the situation should be just better...

- I made My last Furiotic Movies with some help back in December last year, around Christmas-time i guess. Since this time, im pretty less using Secondlife. I mean its getting veeeeeeeeeeeeerrrryyy boring. Also all what i did got lost, down or forgotten. I maybe dont delete it total but i already closed my ingame-store. If i really close my OWN land there which i own now (really) so long, i just dont know but i guess i will do so in the next weeks...Faly rent only a lil Home now on a Sonic-sim for 100L /100Prim which is kinda small also nice (and the Price is just cheep) and it has all the stuff we (really) need.

- Marie, ALIAS Jon Lupus, contact me again and she(now)...want to(?)....be my friend again. Well its ANYHOW kind of nice also wierd. I mean its good 2 years ago we split up coz of a lot reasons. Now all of a sudden she came back. I dont know the real reason but k, let it be how it is NOW and good. So i will see whats going on.

- Lately i drawn Furiotic #250, the first i drawn was at the 24.01.07 (DD/MM/YY)! Wow. anyhow i feel old...

- Coz of my family problems, or about more heh...., My lil brother will left our house "soon" and wana move out. I dont say its nice or im mad about, i mean, sorry, hard but true, he dont care about the family anyways. I told him that ("Your friends are more imporant as your 25.weddings day of your presents!" - (the order was that he should do something special for it coz all others did already something OTHER special...but he didnt and only went to his friends)) and his reaction was more like cold i guess. I dont cry after him coz it is for me anyways already IF he is here or not, we didnt walk much anyways.

- My life self sucks more and is more like boring, or getting boring. I mean, i dont know what to do, i got a bit fat (sad but true :/ ) and i lose motivation in kind of EVERYthing. creating music? No(also i cant coz my programs dont work on my new WIN 8.1 Laptop). Artwork? No, dotn want to or no ideas. Playing games? Not really, sometimes the last days now but not that much (srs).

I guess its coz i try to get a job but i only fail in it, noone wants more or "need" someone...Also i began to try to get my Drive-ID. I mean it IS about time but anyhow i dont feel good in this, i want to practise for it but never really DO so! I mean i have all the stuff i need but anyhow i fell just bad, depresive and  UNmotivation for everything...

I hope I feel better soon coz it really...SUCKS, yea...

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Pointing at me with dirty Fingers

People who know me knows that my family is not that what it should be or like a normal family be(eing). In interessts of my friends and people who watch me and wana help me i write this.

Today, early in the morning before 10 AM, my went crasy again, blame me for things i do (or dont do) which he only and only repeat the last weeks, month and some even years. How i said already in my last entry, i already can handle it but what i cant handle if he begins to attack me or even "hurt" me with fist and other mental attacks. I already really thought about to go to the police about his "break outs". Im really more worry about that this "family" is close to the end for me here coz everyone do his/her own thing, even if you try to do something for the family, they dont work for one self or help each other.

I thought about to move out, in free-will and not that my dad do so (how he often says) coz i cant handle this "fuckin" situation. - also i dont want to anymore. I will talk to a doctor and other helping people in the next time so that i hope that i can live in "peace" in the next days.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Life, rules, wtdaft knows

Well at the moment i feel kind of sick a bit. Why? Mostly the people here around me make me feel sick.

Im glad i have some friends i can talk to and understand my situation but in some cases they -cant- help me...-.- i wish me sometimes they could...

1. The first reason is my Dad, which is a wierd guy sometimes. You must remember, at the moment i have no job and i search one and i sit mostly here at home in my room and do my stuff or "try" to get a job, so MY stuff, PRIVATE stuff. So he wants to know what i do in my room so that i began to lock the door, after that he goes outside the HOUSEDOOR and tries to watch thru the window in my room! GEES! He srs begins to stalk me! So i "had to" buy me a window shade so that he stops that! And now? He stands behind my door and tries to hear something...gees...also he only complain about nonsense or really unlogic stuff like:

-If i sleep he complains about
-even if i am long awake he complains too, logic?

-If i stay home he complains about why i dont go out
-If i go outside and go with some friends out, he also complains, LOGIC???

Last week as sample, i stay awake sometimes till 2-4 AM. Of course he complains about it but noone other does, also noone other do i bug with, i mean, i dont bug anyone with that! He only complains that i stay awake, thats all! Really that sucks. I hate that "logic" coz he says everyone feel buged about it...and noone does. I stay in my room, try to be quiet, only in front of my Laptop, window shade down, locked door and talk sometimes to my friends (quietly) or work on stuff...and if he goes to pee in the middle of the night he must complain about it for over half an hour and that pretty loud...in the middle of the night. So now i wonder "why" should people complain about me if its my dad who gets loud for nonsense? Im 26! i mean i can stay all night awake if i want! SRS! gees....

2. Other reason is that i feel pretty depresive last days also sick coz i get hurt and lost blood...for unknown reasons. Duno why but ok.

3. In the time i try to work on my artwork. At the moment i work on my Calendar 2013. I hope to get finish this month.

Calendar 2014 - month 05 by ~WAtheAnum on deviantART

we will see whats going on in the next time....